20 Fresh Resource for Web Designers and Developers July 2018

If any of you want the freedom to work comfortably from home, so here is the facility to create a new schedule which easily fits around the rest of your tiring or a busy life. It’s a very big opportunity to do work that is creatively and mentally inspiring you, and to work as a web developer or designer is always an ideal career.

However, the question always around the mind of the developers is that what the cost to get started? Doesn’t the web development will require a lot of exclusive and expensive software and tools?

And the only answer is no. As with a computer and also a reliable internet connection, you will easily get access to more free resources than even most contributed free offer seeker can keep up with them.

In this part of fresh resources of the year, we try to provide you a mixed variety of resources in the list. Beside a few code-based tools like new JavaScript framework and libraries, we also included a couple of handy GUI applications, and I am very sure both designers and developers will appreciate it.

Here you can check the detailed list, which surely helps you in making your developer and designer profession easy. Tools are mentioned below:

  1. Duotones

It is a simple web application which can change any photo into the duotones; a monochromatic photo which comprises of two contrasting colors. By this application, you can easily upload your own photos or also choose photos that already provided by the tool, and you can edit photos and download the result. It’s an amazing tool for creating an outstanding background image on your websites.

  1. frontdrop

It is a very handy tool which shows complete information regarding the font. By dropping the font, it will automatically show the style, version, name, copyright information, glyphs, and also supported language, etc. amongst other things.

  1. Unique

It is a tool which helps in finding some unique fonts which might rarely be seen somewhere else; this Unique tool is always useful for creating a unique logo or to easily find an appropriate unique font combination for your document by few clicks. Once you picked your preferences, then you can easily download it and give a name it’s your own font. And That’s really cool for all the users.

  1. MDX

MDX tool is a specification which combines JSX and Markdown. And it will allow trying some crazy things that you never did before, like importing some Markdown files, to use Markdown file as a standalone component to include in other files, and also uses a React component in it.

  1. Etcher

It is one of the handy applications for flashing some OS images to a bootable flash-disk. And the given process used to be very difficult to follow. And by using the Etcher, it is very much easy as 1-2-3. Etcher tool will support almost all major OS including the Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

  1. DOM Testing Library

It refers to the JavaScript library to test Document Object Model (DOM). Users can use it for writing a test unit for web UI components, and also ensure that the UI will always work like the real user only to use it. DOM tool will also help you in maintaining the UI functionality of the UI during the time of code refactoring.

  1. Ni

It’s a substitute better way to install the NPM packages; Ni can easily install some missing dependencies from a package.js on file, and also show the deprecated dependencies, and also an overall better interface.

  1. Dump

It is one of the very simple React components to dump or to log the output right in the web browser quite in the browser console with the help of console log. Dump tool has been created by the Wes Bos; he is one of the most popular lecturers in the React.

  1. Dinero.js

Dinero.js is a JavaScript library to create format money and calculate Dinero.js supports in all international currency which is out-of-the-box. The user can also use the library in a Node.js environment, and also load it into their web browsers, with ECMAScript 6 or CommonJS.

  1. Cuttlebelle

It is a static site generator for the React.js; the Cuttlebelle tool always provides you greater extensibility in a way by which you can expand the page layout with the help of React based components. If you are familiar with the React.js, then you can easily create a new layout and used it in any Markdown file.

  1. WiredJS

The wired tool is built with local Web Components. It’s a unique UI library with some sketchy look. And the library is the elements stroke which can be drawn randomly, that means that two elements will not be the same exactly. It is one of the perfect libraries for creating mockups or wireframes.

  1. ImgBlur

It is a much-uncomplicated JavaScript component for loading images in a new way, ImgBlur will come with CLI to make a blurred image directly from the original image. However, the blurred image has always a very small size which will be first loaded before it loads the original images.

13. Saber.js

This tool is a static site generator which is built for Vue.js. The Saber.js tool does not come with some fancy stuff such as in Nuxt.js some configurations and options are least that makes it an enormous alternative only if you want to have a static website which will be easy to maintain.

  1. Relaxed

It is a real converter which will turn the Pug or HTML into the PDF. By using the app you are also able to create a complex layout, use the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and you can also use Markdown to write down the foremost content. And the user can use a JavaScript library, such as Chart.js for adding any type of diagram and MathJax for adding Math formatting.

  1. Vuido

The Vuido is a very lightweight desktop application framework with the Vue.js. You can easily use the Vue.js API and also use many of its add-ons such as Vuex.

  1. Winds

Winds is a Podcast reader and modern RSS; it is available for Windows, macOSv and also for Linux. This app looks modern and amazing with some elevated box-shadow, gradients, round-corner, and much more.

  1. Hybrids

Hybrids are a JavaScript library for creating a custom HTML element by using the native Web Components with the help of friendlier API. And the Hybrids library provides a very simpler API which is similar to the one in React.js or Vue.js.

  1. Font Style Matcher

The Font Style Matcher is a tool help in selecting two Google Fonts and also native font which is installed in a computer with the similar looks. It is a helpful tool for a web developer to alleviate that ugly flash of unstyled content (FOUC) when Google Fonts are not fully loaded it.

  1. Blueprint.js

It is a React-based UI library, and the Blueprint.js tool includes a collection of regulars such as button and tabs, and some other UI components which are naturally needed for building standard and modern web applications Omnibar; it is a floating search box which is similar to the Spotlight or Alfred app in the macOS.

  1. PWA WP

It is an initiative to bring Progressive Web Application (PWA) directly to the WordPress Core. At the time of writing it, the project was in its early stage. It is a very interesting project for the following purposes and especially if you are primarily working in the WordPress ecosystem.

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