No-Follow Links and Search Rankings For SEO

A post in a closed Facebook group focused on if no-follow links have any SEO value. One person insisted that he ranks web pages only with no-follow links. Let us consider the famous reasons for why no-follow links are valuable and learn some impressive facts regarding them.

Here is the list of reasons why SEOs feel that no-follow links are valuable for ranking:

  • As revealed by Google Search Console, they are noticed by Google.
  • No-follow links make the backlink profile more diverse.
  • Websites which have only do-follow links look unnatural.
  • Backlink profiles which have no-follow links look more genuine.

Google Search Console(GSC) Reveals No-Follow Links

The point that Google displays links in the Google Search Console does not prove that Google allows any type of ranking power. A few SEOs maintain that this is proof that the links are seen by Google.

This act of seeing links is often considered that Google is using it for the purpose of ranking. It is a huge misconception.

Recognizing that a link is present and including the link for ranking objects is two separate things. Suppose that the do-follow links are seen by Google, and it merely passes partial PR. The Google is “seeing” no-follow links is utterly useless.

Why Does Google Show No-Follow Links in Google Search Console (GSC)?

No-follow links are displayed in GSC as it is a link. It is still a Just because a link has a no follow dangling off of it doesn’t stop it from being a link. It is still a link even though it has a no-follow swaying off of it.

The GSC tool does not display the links which help site ranking. It merely reveals links, whether or not they help a site rank.

Do No-Follow Links Help In Creating A Diverse Backlink Profile?

Link diversity means merely that links either help a site rank or do not help a site rank. Link diversity is never cited as a site ranking factor in research papers. Google does not recommend link diversity. Neither of Google support pages recommends it. This concept was a way to buffer that if they are not given an SEO ranking credit by Google for one type of link, then Google may provide SEO ranking credit for a different kind of link.

Therefore, the entire reasoning that getting no-follow links since it provides you with “diverse links” is inaccurate.

100% Do-follow Backlinks Can Seem Unnatural

None of the research papers and patents uses no-follow links in order to ascertain how natural a back-link profile is. The most recent researches conducted on link analysis are concerned with real links. There is no mention of no-follow links.

Do No-Follow Links Help Site Ranking?

No-follow links do not have any site ranking power. Basically, no-follow links drop the target links from the link graph.

This implies no-follow links do not exist for the purpose of rankings. No-follow links do not affect ranking in any way.

Can No-Follow Links Help Ranking?

Yes, no-follow links can indirectly help rankings. Somebody might discover a helpful page via a no-follow link and link to it.

A no-follow link may cause someone to discover a useful page and link to it. No-follow links can also help in building popularity. A no-follow link from a high-profile blog/webpage does not automatically imply that it will have zero impact on the SEO. In addition to giving exposure, no-follow links also unquestionably that help pages get indexed.

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