How to Promote Local Business on Google

Gone are the days when people would flip through Yellow Pages to look for local stores or services. With the internet, everything can be found with a click of a button. If you are running a small business and wish to launch it on a popular platform, you should probably seek help from Google. Through Google advertising, you can reach out to potential clients who may be looking for services that you offer, especially in the area where you operate. Google can help form opinions and influence people, thus, when the mega search engine suggests your business, you know that it will carry weight. This targeted advertising will boost your local business.

Promote Local Business

Here are a few ways to promote local business on Google:

Establish a strong online presence

To make your presence felt in the digital world, you have to be noticeable on Google. Unfortunately, some small business owners find it unnecessary or are unaware of the benefits of an online presence. To create greater awareness, Google started the “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” initiative, which aimed at boosting small businesses. Even if you are not tech savvy, signing up and operating through the program is easy. Google will help you set up a dedicated website and give you statistics of your performance. What’s even better is that is free of charge!

Setup and maintain a Google My Business page

Setting up a Google My Business page will highlight your business on the search engine, Google+, and Google Maps. It gives you absolute control over what you present as your business. Update all the details, which include contact information, address and location, reviews, photos, and an interesting snippet to pique the interest of your customers. Claim your business (which you can do via phone, text message, or postcard) so that customers can put their trust in your business.

Launch Call-Only Campaigns

A small investment in advertising can reap great benefits for your business. You will not only gain more leads, but you will also be capable of converting these leads. You could make use of Google AdWords or latent semantic words in your marketing strategy. For starters, you may begin with “Call-only Campaign” to kick-start your business. The Call-only Campaign gives the customer direct access to your contact details, which eliminates the need for directing the customer traffic to the landing page. Once your contact is available, customers can call you directly from Google’s search results.

Select a reasonable location area

You may be tempted to cover a large area to make your presence felt, but would a customer be willing to travel all the way to visit your store? That’s hard to guess. The trick is to narrow in on an area that is neither too large, nor too small. Head over to your AdWords settings and choose a location divided into a region, city, or postal code. In the Advanced Setting option, you could even choose a specific radius that you wish to cover. If you have multiple stores, you can even link them to each other and suggest the locations of the other outlets.

The tips mentioned above can greatly transform your small business into a thriving enterprise. These tips will help your business listing rank highly on Google. Make use of these Google services to promote your business in your local areas. Do not hesitate on spending some money to avail these services as the return that you will receive will be much greater qualitatively and quantitatively.

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