Google News Overhaul: Several Features, Tags, and Schema Guidelines Removed

One of the Google News representatives, Lisa Wang, posted in the Google News Help forums, that they deprecated a group of publisher-specific features along with a redesign, and also removed some features from the Google News. Some of them are Editors’ Picks and standout Meta tag and others are already reported.

Google News

Google removed several features including tags and schema guidelines with the beginning of the new Google News. A Google representative has released complete details about the exact features that were deprecated.

Here is the summary of what a Google News help forum representative stated:

With the release of the new Google News, we re-evaluated some of the features, like tags, and schema guidelines which were built over several years for publishers. Though we are keeping some certain growing features, which we have also deprecated others.

Our team aims to engage the community publisher with every feature that brings the substantial value to both our users and our publishers. Some of the fundamental ideas for these deprecated features might show up in new ways in the future.

The deprecated features include the following :

  • Editor’s Picks
  • Standout and original-source tags
  • Ability to highlight mobile apps in the Google News Publisher Center
  • News crawl error tool in Search Console

Now, Google News publishers and Going forward will no longer be notified by the Search Console about the errors like an article being too long or too short, date not found, off-site redirects, and some other news-specific errors.

The Google’s representative makes a note that the company was decided to keep a pair of features which are almost similar to some other features that have been removed from the Google particularly the ‘satire’ and ‘opinion’ tags in the Google News articles.

The representative also revealed that the company is still working on some new features for the Google News which will surely be shared in the upcoming days.

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