20 Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (October 2018)

Unlike almost all of the other industries web development is progressing towards change rapidly. There are new tools, current methods and frameworks developed approximately every day to furnish and provide some fresh trends and technological progression in the web industry.

So here we’re presenting a list of the latest tools and resources that includes a PHP framework to execute and perform E2E testing for your PHP application efficiently, also, a tool to generate colors that act in accordance with W3C Accessibility standards, and a few of Vue.js extensions. Check out the full list:

Keyframes App

It is a web-based application that provides a nice GUI to compose CSS animation and picture the animation with a timeline. Using this gives you the ability to download the CSS output once you are assuaged.

Symfony Partner

It is an outstanding PHP framework developed by Symfony to perform an End-2-End test. It usually comes with its integrated web server and could leverage Chrome installed on your device in order to perform E2E (End-to-end) analysis.


It is a fantastic collection of beautiful color palettes, which offers thousands of hand-picked color palettes. TrendyPalettes is also available as a Chrome extension.


It is a framework to create slides that are built on top of Vue.js for you to re-use the custom Vue.js parts within the slides easily. Also, the keyboard and mouse navigation both are supported in the slides. This app can perform custom styling or theming, which provides a boilerplate to help people set up and present the slid easily.


It is an open-source web builder that provides users the ability to build web pages just by dragging and dropping components. Some of the common elements like Test, Image, Columns, Map, Vidoe, Quote and more are also provided in it.


It is a new content management system (CMS) built with Node.js with an eye-catching and unique approach. CMS tends to assume that you want to include a new type of data. Also, it’s available as an NPM package.

WP CLI Notification

It is a custom WP-CLI package that mainly works to show operating system’s notifications when WP-CLI has already executed the Quite fancy.


It is a web-based application which has been designed to compose CSS Grid. The numbers of items, columns, the gap between each time can also be configured in order to generate the HTML and CSS Grid.

Scroll Hint

it is a JavaScript library that gives you an ability to create an element over the top to bring scrolled section into view on your webpage. This tool can be so helpful when using a horizontal scroll element on your web page.


It is a JavaScript library that adds validation to put an input. HTML5 usually comes with some sort of validation present already with the “type=email,” and also, “type=number” for instance.


if you want to select multiple files or folders in your website, then SelectionJS will be a useful tool for you.


It is a tool that displays your projects into GUI interface. It connects typically through the pakage.json file on your computer device. It provides users the ability to view the list of the NPM packages, the registered scripts, update the packages, and run the scripts and previewing the README files directly from the Webdash.


It is a JavaScript framework to build the web interface. However, it is quite similar to Reac.js with having some additional features. It also supports some community support for some extensions.


It is a JavaScript library that helps users to implement jQuery Core specification for Document Object Model. It has been intended to be used on the server-side.


It is a Lyft initiative for generating a color composition that meets the terms of the color Accessibility standard. This tool has been powered with some great algorithm that allows users to be able to move around the knob, adjust the configuration and more.

Typed Properties in PHP 7.4

It is just approaching, as it has been mentioned in the previous developer’s reports. But PHP7.4 is now on the Plan.


It is a JavaScript compiler that makes it so simple and straightforward to create Web Components using the latest standards. On top of it, StencilJS is also bringing several modern web development approaches to the mix that includes JSX support, router, reactivity, and State Management using a plug-in.

Vue Infinite Loading

It is an extension to create an infinite scroll page. This program is mobile-friendly and compatible with almost every scrollable element. Two scroll directions are also supported in it.

V Clipboard

It is a custom Vue.js extension that has made creating a “Copy” button so easy. Users can simply add a v-clipboard attribute to a button, and that’s all set. This Vue.js extension is supported in all modern browsers as well as IE11 and newer.

Vue Select

It is a Vue.js component by which you can get similar functionality to Select2. Vue.js has been designed to be compatible with Vuex, Custom Templating, and a collection of other Vue.js goodness.

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