Tips to Boost your Content Marketing Strategy in 2019

Content marketing keeps evolving. For this reason, conventional marketing methods do not yield the same results as they used to. With 2019 barely a few weeks away, you may want to ensure that your content marketing strategy is up-to-date. Here are four ways to improve your content marketing strategy for 2019:

  1. Review the existing content marketing strategy

You may want to commence the upcoming year by reviewing the current content marketing strategy. Make time for grouping with the team to talk about the methods that were fruitful in 2018, and the ones that were not. Thoroughly discuss the areas that may need improvement in 2019.

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When you closely examine the present strategy, you will get a better understanding of the relevancy of the plans for the coming year. If you are yet to create a written strategy, then you should outline the plans so that it can be easily communicated across your employees.

  1. Know how and where to distribute content

Distribution and marketing play a vital role in content marketing. You have to ensure that the content reaches the target customer. The way individuals consume content is changing, and content distribution is becoming more complicated. Try these distribution tips to get good results:

  • Publish blogs on a weekly basis.
  • Use Google Analytics to analyse organic traffic.
  • Drive traffic from SlideShare presentations
  • Promote content in Facebook groups.
  • Promote blog posts on content aggregators websites.
  • Stay connected with brand loyalists.
  • Create shareable content.
  1. Choose channels that are worth focusing on

As mentioned earlier, content marketing is rapidly evolving. Now, it is no longer needed to be on all the available channels. In 2019, you should list the channels that are performing the best and focus on them to boost your content marketing strategy. You need to find out where tout intended market spends their time online and then come up with a strategy to tap into the target audience.

Practice what you have learned in 2018 and become more successful by delivering the right content across the right channel in 2019. Do not limit yourself when it comes to using channels. If a particular channel is not generating positive outcomes, then it is better to switch to another one.

  1. Target to the right market

You may have researched about how and what to market, but if you have failed to determine who you wish to teach, then all the content marketing endeavours will be a waste. Before setting out to plan, develop, publish and distribute content, you need to narrow down who is going to consume it.  Or else, your time and efforts will go down the drain.

Find out who your audience is and try to start with location-based targeting. Researching the target market is quite complicated and time-taking, but it is worth every minute spent.


Content marketing is an amazing way to promote your business and to increase brand awareness. To keep up with the rapidly changing world, you need to update your content marketing strategy for 2019. To get started, you must review your content marketing strategy for the year 2018. Discuss the previous marketing campaigns with your team and find the areas that could be improved. Choose the right channel and target content to the right audience.

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