Top 10 Best React Native App Templates of 2018

In the past few years, demands for a mobile application is continuously increasing around the world. With some traditional ways of creating the mobile applications by using the React Native UI Toolkits which is available for all major platforms whether it is Android or iOS. Recently, we have seen that there is the rise of Hybrid Mobile Applications, as the process of development of creating a mobile application for each platform is very much expensive and also very time-consuming.

React Native app templates is a framework for creating the mobile applications with leveraging Reacts and JavaScript, it also allows the developers to write code across the different mobile operating systems. So, you no longer have to create the same application for Android and iOS from the specialize or scratch in one or another operating system.

According to the MIT License by Facebook, easily uses the native UI components for both the platforms. React Native always uses RCTBridgeModule to make a connection between the JavaScript code and native code. It is not a cross method to develop an application because it doesn’ t use any Web View which might be depending on the use case.

The List of Top 10 React Native App Templates of 2018

  1. MStore Pro

One of the most popular React Native app templates available at CodeCanyon, MStore Pro allows users to convert their existing online shop to a mobile store app.

  1. App Platform

This is all in one Multi-Purpose Expo React Native Mobile app. It works for iPhone and Android. In fact, this is a bundle of multiple apps, that follow same design and coding pattern.

  1. BeoNews

BeoNews is an app that does magic for your website by converting your WordPress website into mobile true native app with customized contents within a fillip.

  1. Tudu

Tudu is a simple productivity app created using the hottest mobile framework React Native, meaning that we can create a native Android and iOS app. In this source code you have multiple useful features not only for a to-do list app, but for all kind of projects. It’s an easy and simple codebase to understand, develop and maintain.

  1. gikApp

Let gikApp for WordPress helps you to do that and save you time up to 100 hours. gikApp for WordPress is an awesome React Native WordPress app that design to help you will turn your WordPress site into an app for android and iOS. We know WordPress, React Native and we know the best ways to get your custom content into an app.

  1. Antiqueruby

Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components is every app developer’s dream. That’s because the app template, which is attractive and is designed to save developers hours of work by providing them with stylish and clever UI and UX components to customise their apps.

  1. ListApp

ListApp helps you to create, manage, organize and monetize any listing business you want quickly, seamlessly and beautifully.

  1. BeoUI

React Native currently creates vibrant wave in mobile application development. “Write once, Run anywhere”, then you can effectively produce mobile app across all platforms including iOS & Android by one language with “Native effect”.

  1. Real Time Chat

This is a react native app. Full native (android ios) real time chat app. It is very easy to use and i will provide support.

  1. BeOnboard

BeOnboard is content 19 high-quality React Native templates, cool animations and the ease of customizing onboarding template. We not only create charming User Interface, excellent User Experience, but also give you control over screen designs and animationss of your apps.

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